A One-Piece Collar for
an Elevated Appearance

Uniquely Crafted Design

The California Collar is a unique design featured in many Robert Talbott shirts for men, crafted using a special labor-intensive one-piece collar shirt construction technique. Both the placket and collar are shaped and cut from a single piece of cloth. It requires artisanal skills found only in the best factories. The result is a collar with a sleek and elegant roll that won't collapse.

uniquely crafted collared shirt design
roll collar

A Roll Unlike Any Other

The one piece collar shirt uses a single piece of cloth that extends up from the waist, forms the placket and then extends up through the collar, which is buttoned down to stand up. This design gives the collar a roll unlike any other shirt.

Stablizing Collar

A lightweight interlining runs inside the one piece placket and collar to stabilize and supports the collar, allowing for a perfect roll. It also helps keep the collar from collapsing like most other collars. On its own, or under a blazer, this collar provides the a beautiful profile.

Stablizing collar interlining

Hidden Buttons

Our Morgan shirt collection is made as a hidden button down discreetly placed behind the collar points to help maintain the rolled appearance with a more modern sensibility. This is the ultimate shirt with collar short of buying custom shirts.

hidden under-collar buttons

See for yourself

Nick, our head of design explains the unique beauty and construction of this collar:

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