How to Tie a Tie

The Four-in-Hand knot is a popular and modern way to tie a tie. This necktie knot’s slight asymmetry makes it look less fussy. It’s easier than you think, but as with everything, practice makes perfect.

Watch this demonstration of how to tie a tie from our Head of Design and resident style guide, Nick Picchione.

Step 1

Start with your collar up. Wrap the tie around the base of your collar.


Step 2

Pull the wide end of tie so it's roughly twice as long as the narrow end of the tie (the exact difference depends on the length of your torso, as you become more practiced, you'll learn exactly the length difference that works for you so the finished tie sits just above your belt). Take the wide end of the tie and cross it over the front of the narrow end around the back and across the front again so you've basically wrapped the narrow end of the tie with the wide end.


Step 3

You then bring it down behind - as you do this, you create an opening with your forefinger and your thumb. Take the wide end and place it through the neck loop and down through that opening. Gently pull it down while holding the triangle of the knot with your other hand.


Step 4

Next, hold the narrow end and gradually pull and adjust the knot until flush up to the top of the collar but still comfortable. Turn the collar down around the tie and position it. The tie should end just at the top of your belt.


STYLE TIP: push in the tie just below the knot with your index to create a small dimple


Print & Keep Instructions

Loosen and pull the knot down slightly when feeling especially rakish on a night out. 

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